We know that most men struggle with talking in an office and are able to express themselves more readily when undertaking a task. That is why we have come up with “Adventure Counseling”.

Adventure Counseling is a 3.5 hour block of time spent in the outdoors talking and interacting with one of our counselors processing through issues. These adventures can consist of fishing for bass on a boat, hiking trails throughout the area, hunting (during season), and fly-fishing a local river. Some of our counselors are trained outdoor guides as well.

A typical adventure would either start early in the morning or around lunch, meeting the counselor at the prearranged place and time. Spending time talking about the issues that you may be working through on the water or on the trail. All the while spending time in God’s great outdoors.

The beauty of this type of counseling is that it is cheaper than a 3.5 hour chunk of time in the office. We offer this service for $200 plus any additional fees (like private trophy fishing waters or prime hunting land).

If this type of counseling sounds appealing to you, please call us at 704.200.9343.